08 January 2011

Sonnet: Marriage Night

I want to hold you and make love to you again
To know that I am your prince and you are my king.
I wish we could kiss all the night without complaints
As you hold my hand that contains our wedding ring.
I cuddle right next to you, hearing your heart beat,
And feeling your breath against the top of my head.
You bring me up to share a kiss tender and sweet
As our bodies are wrapped atop our marriage bed.
You are my husband, as I am forever yours,
And I’ll always love you until the end of time.
I close my eyes, think of you, the man I adore,
As our young love grows, culminating to its prime.
I can’t help but smile on this, our first night together,
Knowing you love me, as I you, now and fore’er.

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