27 June 2010

What once was (poem)

I've thought of the when I said goodbye
To the love I had for you, and seeing that
It was the best thing to do for me and you.

I know time will heal the wound that remains
On my heart, and the scar will show what you
Meant to me in the years past with clarity.

You were the one I called Beloved, the man
I waited to have with every once of my being,
The one I gave my heart to without knowing.

Then, in a sudden twist of fate, I needed to say
Goodbye to the hopes and dreams I had for us.
I needed to let go of what I held on to for years.

Now, your name is given to another, a friend
Whom I love so dearly, but will only be a friend
Instead of the One I waited for as I've for you.

I wish I could give you my heart again, but it
Would be to no avail. The fairy tale ended
As it began, with me alone, and you a vapor.

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