02 May 2010

Poem Post: Burden

What do we see when we gaze upon a mirror?
The desires of a man hidden deep in his eyes.
What do we see when we look into his soul?
His greatest wishes covered with little lies.

His heart is heavy and his spirit burdened
With a weight that is his alone to carry.
He refuses to give up, and thus presses on
To a place that is more joyous and merry.

His eyes are tired and want to rest and sleep
From all the things he has wanted to see.
He looks up to the stars, and with a gasp,
He wonders who else sees them besides he.

He lies his head upon the grass, dreaming
Of a time when he’ll finally be laid to rest.
As he closes his eyes, he only breaks a smile,
Knowing that today’s not close to the best.
----Manny Reyes

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